Office 365 ProPlus Configuration XML Editor

Click-to-Run is a Microsoft streaming and virtualization technology that you can use to install and update Office products. For Office 365 administrators, deploying Office 365 Professional Plus would be a headache if you’re not using the Office Deployment Tool (ODT). Using the ODT, administrators have the opportunity to configure the deployment with what products to install, what to exclude, the update settings, activation, etc… All these configuration settings are stored in an XML file to be accessed by the ODT.

There’s a very descriptive TechNet article on how to configure the deployment with the configuration XML file (click here to read it). The ordinary way of editing the configuration XML file involves editing the file in a notepad or some XML editor and adding/removing parameters as you prefer. For some, configuring these options in the XML file would be a confusing task. A missing parameter could end up bad in a mass scale deployment. However, there’s an easy, alternative way which you can use to generate a configuration XML file with all the parameters you want. Yes, you heard me! Generate!

Office Developer team has put together a nice online tool at GitHub that you can utilize to generate a configuration XML file. The interface is quite intuitive to use. Using simple drop down lists, text fields and switches, you can generate the configuration set in a matter of few seconds.

Office 365 ProPlus Configuration XML Editor

Office 365 ProPlus Configuration XML Editor

You can start with an existing configuration file by importing it, an existing template from the editor or you can even start from scratch to create a custom configuration file. Once you have the desired configuration you can export it to an XML file or email to a preferred recipient (this will open your existing email client).

Enough of chit-chat, here you go the URL to access the tool online.

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