Experts Live Asia Pacific – 2017

By | December 29, 2016

Howdy readers? I am glad to announce that I have been selected as a speaker at Experts Live Asia Pacific 2017 conference in Kuala Lumpur. I will be speaking about Cloud App Security on Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security suite under the topic “Gaining Visibility, Control, and Protection for Cloud Applications with Microsoft Cloud App Security”. Following is an abstract of the session.

Moving to the cloud increases flexibility for employees and reduces the cost of IT of an organization. But it should not compromise your organization’s information security. To get the full benefit of the cloud, an IT team must find the right balance of flexibility while maintaining control and visibility, to protect corporate data.
Microsoft Cloud App Security can help your organization overcome such challenges in the cloud. With tools that help uncover shadow IT, assess risk, enforce policies, investigate activities, and stop threats, your organization will be safer on the cloud.

Now if you’re wondering what is Experts Live conference is, Experts Live is a global conference series spanned across multiple continents, multiple countries and multiple cities. Following is an introduction from the event website.

Previously known as System Center Universe (SCU), Experts Live is a first-class community conference that lives from inputs and ideas from people who are part of the community and knows about real-world requirements and solutions. That said, we are not marketing-driven but to present the latest and greatest content with the best speakers. Sessions are presented with lots of live demos and can go technically deep, mainly down to level 300 or 400 (advanced and expert). Attending Experts Live gives you ready-to-use knowledge and allows you to connect and build long-term relations with speakers and attendees from all over the world.

About Experts Live Asia, following description will give you an idea.

Started in 2012 as System Center Universe (SCU) and it has been a huge success since then. Now, we are already in the planning for the 6th conference at the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, with a brand new name – Experts Live Asia! Be one of the first to see live on what’s new in Windows Server, System Center and Azure! TOP experts from all across the globe are here at the largest Systems Management & Cloud focused event in Asia Pacific.

To find out more and to register, visit There’s a limited time super early bird registration discount on the registration fee. So hurry up, and register before the offer runs out. 🙂

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