About Me

About Me

My name is Muditha Jayath Chathuranga. I'm a technical consultant, a solution architect, a professional trainer, and a speaker. This blog, its content and opinions are my own and does not represent my employer, its partners or stakeholders in any way. Mostly, I blog around technologies that I work with daily.

I bring over half a decade of experiences in solutions based on Microsoft products but my expertise runs in both Microsoft and Unix worlds. Although my work primarily based on Microsoft products, I have a soft corner for implementing solutions using Unix like systems too. I began my professional career as a computer hardware technician for a small computer shop in Colombo just as I left the school. Starting from a very young age made me laying a solid foundation to my career life not only on the subject knowledge, but also on my personal development on various aspects. After my start as a hardware technician, I moved to work with couple of local as well as multi national companies before I joined with my current employer. Nowadays, I'm focusing on Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Azure, Windows Server Active Directory, Exchange Server and CentOS/Ubuntu based solutions.

During my free time, I do a little bit of programming with C++ and C# languages just for my own amusement and I am involved with many technical communities sharing my knowledge and experiences. I have been an active member of Sri Lanka IT Pro Forum for few years now, where I have been helping with monthly user group meetups and speaking at these meetups. Recently I was invited to join the community leaders panel in Sri Lanka IT Pro Forum due to my commitment and enthusiasm on the community contributions. We have a meetup at the last Wednesday of every month featuring local as well as international industry experts talking about latest technologies, trends, and products around Microsoft. If you are around Colombo, I invite you to join with us. This meetup is not only advantageous to improve knowledge, but it also offers networking opportunities as well. Also, I am sharing my knowledge and experiences at Sri Lanka SharePoint Form's user group meetups as well. Addition to user group meetups, I'm mostly active on Microsoft Answers community where I'm helping users by answering their questions as well as marking helpful answers by others. Also I'm contributing over at Microsoft TechNet Forums, TechNet Gallery and I am one of the TechNet Wiki Ninja Guru competition judges as well. 

I have participated in international conferences such as Experts Live (formerly known as System Center Universe) Asia, Collab 365 Global Conference, as a speaker delivering sessions on latest Microsoft technologies.

I am a Partner Seller for Microsoft and I was awarded the prestigious Microsoft Most Valuable Professional award for the first time in 1st of January, 2017 on Office Servers and Services category. My community contributions on Office 365 and Exchange Server have been a major factor for Microsoft to consider me for the award. Currently I hold Microsoft Certified Professional, Microsoft Certified Trainer, Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert, Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate, Microsoft Specialist, Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist, Microsoft Certified IT Professional and Microsoft Pre Sales Technical Specialist certifications from Microsoft, and Apple Certified Associate on Mac Integration Basics 10.8 from Apple Inc.. Also I'm a professional member of British Computer Society, The Chartered Institute for IT, an Associate Member of Computer Society of Sri Lanka, a Global Member of Internet Society, and a Direct Member of Association of Microsoft Certified Trainers.

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