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Delegate Distribution Group Membership Management To End Users

For IT administrators in large organizations where there is a huge number of distribution groups, adding and removing members frequently can be a real headache. One way of making this easier is by delegating management to a responsible person by making an end user a distribution group owner. However, the default MyDistributionGroups management role grants… Read More »

Quarterly Exchange Updates: June 2016

As usual, Microsoft Exchange Team has posted a new blog post with a list of latest cumulative updates for Exchange Server 2016 and Exchange Server 2013 for the quarter ending in June, 2016. As per the official blog by Microsoft Exchange Team, In addition to normal fixes to customer reported issues, these releases also include… Read More »

Upcoming Office 365 Changes and Impact to Exchange 2013 Hybrid Environments

By | February 24, 2016

Microsoft Exchange team recently announced from a blog post about an upcoming change to Office 365 and its impact to Exchange 2013 hybrid environments. Below is the statement as it is from the official blog post dated 19th February, 2016.